Friday, March 23, 2018

Yeshua Prayer and Praise Blog and Broadcast 3/23/18

Yeshua Prayer and Praise Blog and Broadcast

Join Evangelist Steven Lazar and Prophetess Joyce Lazar of the Yeshua Messiah Ministries 

In Praying With and Praising Our Lord and Savior. Every Week on this Blog.

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Scripture References for today's Broadcast

Ezekiel Chapter 36 (26-27)

Psalm 51

John Chapter 16 (13-15)

Last Days Warning, Repent  Click here to View and Listen

Prayer for The saints Click here to Listen

A Message From Our Lord through Prophetess Joyce Lazar Click here

Join us Next Week for another Prayer and Praise Blessing

Evangelist Steven Lazar 

Yeshua Prayer and Praise Broadcasts On WRMI Radio Miami Internationale

And in Countries around the World on Short Wave, At 6 Am every Sunday.

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